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Sunday, 09 May 2010 05:35

Finally we reached the main purpose of the expedition, or Yosemite. There is internet, so you can add entries.

Hotel w Oakhurst

Important tip. Typing the address of the hotel to the GPS is not only enter the city, but also street and number. After entering the village, our GPS showed a completely different way than that found in Google Maps. Location Oakhurst village was in line with our goal so we went to Las Vegas. After 20 minutes we began to wonder why the proposed route is approximately 2 hours shorter than that of Google. Typed the full address of the GPS and found the hotel ... that although the two goals are at a distance of about 30 miles, the journey between them is only the way that tours the top, which takes ... 5 hours ... Therefore, from Las Vegas to Oakhurst on the eastern edge of Yosemite could be after 4 hours, and on the west, where our hotel and the main attractions of the park - after 7 hours. This lesson cost us an hour because we had to go back to Las Vegas to enter the right path.

Wodospady w   Yosemitegiant sequoiapowrót zimy w Yosemite

The road took us a total of just over 7 hours. Along the way, walked to the Air Force Base - Edwords. Unfortunately we were not allowed through the gate, and we had too little time to try to arrange a tour. On the official website of the database information on sightseeing possibilities, so you can prepare in advance.

We arrived at the hotel in the evening. Very nice place, similar to those nights at the Grand Canyon. We make plans for the next day.

The first visit to Yosemite

Our hotel is located from the entrance to the park about 17 miles. Generally, if you do not have a plan biking, climbing, etc. are living in Oakhurst is much cheaper than directly in the park. From what I observed, hotels within the park are still at a distance of more than 10 miles from the main attractions - waterfalls and fantastic views. Only campsites in the heart of Yosemite, and it would be the best choice unless we are prepared for the campsite.

The entrance to the car park costs $ 20 and is valid for 7 days. Note must also show the exit.

Mgła w Yosemite

Unfortunately, despite the fact that in Oakhurst weather seemed to be good (about 20 degrees C) in Yosemite rain in places was thick fog, the temperature between 6 and 10 degrees and occasionally small hail fell. Such weather is not encouraged to walk, so we confined ourselves to the major attractions objechania car. Here you can drive almost anywhere, so there was something special. We planned on walking until Tuesday because Monday is expected to continue to rain.

Tour finish earlier than planned. At the end of the day shopping in small local supermarket, lunch Fish & Chips, which even the bad taste and no big box of strawberries, which previously we could not find anywhere else at a reasonable price.

Day Three - snow giant sequoias

Weather Forecast forced us to spend one day in Fresno. On the third day forecast showed that there should be no rain, although temperatures will be about 6 degrees.

wypadek w drodze do Yosemite When you arrive at the southern entrance of the park (17 miles) it turned out that forecast works, although it was snowing at night and almost everything is white. The Yosemite is obliged to have chains of circles, the presumption may be required at any time. And it is required, although in my view, the conditions require only a very cautious approach to driving. Just before the park we met przyblokowaną way, because in the morning a tourist Toyota Camry went off the slippery road. And here is how the road is a gap - this time it stopped a tree about 5 meters from the road, but the car "hung" at 45 degrees to the road. In total, the chains may make sense when you consider that most of the local drivers rarely sees the ice and Slush and almost all cars run on the summer tires (not wielosezonowych and summer).

We talked rangersowi at the entrance to the park that do not plan to travel to Yosemite Valley (40 miles on winding roads), but we intend to park your car and walk two miles to go to the Mariposa Groove, which is a nature reserve of giant redwoods.

The road up the hill seemed to be fairly easy - the total is still asphalt. Just back and found a little tired. It was, however, fully compensated for the views of huge trees, including the California Tunnel Tree which is cut out for the car ride. Unforgettable experience.

The Bachelor and Three GracesCalifornia Tunell  Tree

TIP: choosing to Yosemite, as in any other mountain, you must have with them an appropriate outfit, hat and gloves - weather can change in minutes.

Yosemite again - the day of departure

After checking the weather and on Wednesday morning webcams in Yosemite, we decided that for 1914 we have time for one more visit to the park. We packed the car and we left.

TIP: If one goes from Yosemite to San Francisco, there is no need to go back to the Oakhurst - you can immediately follow the road 140, from Yosemite - you can save almost an hour.

This time the weather did not disappoint. Temperature about 13 degrees, beautiful sunshine, almost no clouds. This is what the first day it was covered with mist and clouds, this time it appeared in full - all the major "widoczki" presented themselves in full splendor. Pictures in the gallery 2nd

Yosemite ValleyYosemite Valley

Photo 1 - Winter in Yosemite

Gallery 2 - already spring, two days later