Amsterdam for the weekend Print
Sunday, 07 August 2011 18:21

The Netherlands has long occupied one of the first items on the list of places you have always wanted to visit. Therefore, when the first opportunity, we took the opportunity to spend the weekend in the largest city in the land of windmills, which is in Amsterdam. Departure from Warsaw, planned for 6:05 hour took place without any delay. We use the KLM line. Flight itself is quite nice and smoothly. On site we are exactly at 8:10 in the morning. Before exploring the city, even during your stay at the airport, we decided to buy a card CitiCard. It allows entry to museums and allows the use of public transport in Amsterdam. Choose a card valid for 48 hours, we pay 49 euros. However, it appears that the card does not allow access to the very center of Amsterdam. To get the most attractive part of town, we need to buy extra tickets for the train or bus. It is for us the additional cost of 10 euros. We decide to choose a bus. It is not only convenient, but also will take us to the very center, and yet we want the most. If we decided to choose the train, in the next awaited us change to the tram.
Everywhere to communicate using English. The Dutch do not have any problem with it, and it definitely helps smooth around the city. The only obstacle to what has so far come across are the credit cards, or rather the fact that in many places they are not allowed. We learn that before using any services should first ask whether the card payment is accepted. It is particularly useful in places such as restaurants, where, after placing an order we will no longer have the opportunity to settle the bill in any other way than paying for a meal with cash.

Defeating the road from the bus to the hotel, we see that the landscape of Amsterdam on bicycles are hardcoded. They both stand parked in front of houses, as well as on the side of the street. After a short bus ride and a quick glance of the city, we come finally to the hotel. Impressed upon us the very desk. It is full of elegance, but not without the effect of modernity. Reports and we go to the room. View from the window can not breath denies, but it gives a good impression of the Dutch standard of living. The houses are nice, well cared for. Vis a vis our window is compelling, glazed terrace with an increase, which is set around a table and chairs. In the summer must be here nicely.
In the room we leave our luggage and now we arrive at 10:00 for the opening of the Van Gogh Museum. Today it is the best, located in Amsterdam museum which was entirely devoted to the art of Vincent van Gogh. At the museum collection comprises the largest collection of artist's work, numbering more than 200 paintings, 500 drawings and 700 letters. Besides, one can see associated with the work of Van Gogh's memorabilia and personal belongings. On my own eyes watching the famous paintings here, such as "Fifteen Sunflowers," "Potato Eaters," "Peace Van Gogh in Arles" and the image regarded as one of the last in the career of a painter, painted shortly before his death, the "Wheatfield with crows" . While in the museum have the opportunity to buy a special audio guide. It explains the origins and history of the creation of individual images. Its cost is 5 euros. The entire museum is located in two buildings. The main building and dobudowanym "wing of the exhibition." In the older part of the main permanent exhibition is located. As it turns out, the wing of the exhibition is available to visitors only since 1999. In addition to an exhibition of images, there's also a restaurant, shop and hall dedicated to the presentation. In the latter we find the books and computers with Internet access. We also learn that the Van Gogh Museum in addition to the exhibition is also involved in the activities of scientific research and education. For sightseeing, we spend about 3 hours. Because during the trip, all a little zgłodnieliśmy, decide to eat a local delicacy. Right next to the exit of the museum, buy a traditional sandwich with Dutch herring - "Haring". It is good, provided of course that we have no aversion to the track.