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Friday, 07 January 2011 20:18

Palau - nurkowanie Palau is an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean, the Pacific and in Micronesia, about 1160 km south of Guam, about 800 km east of the Philippines and 3200 km south of Tokyo. Covers the western part of the Caroline Islands, and 4 single coral island (Sonsorol, Merire, Pulo Ana, and Tobi) and atoll of Helen (a total of over 250 islands).

Palau consists of over 250 islands (most - Babeldaob, Koror) in the western part of the archipelago Carolina, surrounded by a large reef. There are karst lakes with sea water and caves. The highest point is Ngerchelchauus, which has a height of 242 m above sea level, the islands climate is extremely humid tropical climate (monsoon variety): the average monthly temperatures throughout the year is around 28 ° C and annual rainfall of 3800 mm. From June to November frequent typhoons. Lush vegetation, iron tree, pandan, coconut palm groves. Palau has a rich fauna, there is more than 1400 species of fish, 700 corals, live there and saltwater crocodiles.

Palau has been hailed as a miracle number one underwater by CEDAM, association of marine biologists and oceanologów.



The archipelago has to offer over 1,500 species of fish, 500 kinds of corals, visibility up to 40 meters and an incredible variety of interesting dive sites with varying levels of difficulty. From shallow reefs to vertical walls, caves, or "blue holes", places significantly different flora and fauna. Many pelagic species including reef sharks, huge population, underwater tunnels connecting with the ocean inland lakes in which they live rarities not parzących jellyfish, anemones and soft corals make the underwater paradise of Palau. This is a fantastic place for fans of wreck diving (there are warships, planes and seaplanes of World War II).

One of the interesting places to dive in Palau is Jellyfish Lake (Lake Jellyfish) on the island of Eil Malk. As the name suggests, live in the lake including jellyfish, and only jellyfish. The tank is not connected with the ocean, so the salinity is much lower and higher temperature. Medusa, which inhabit them have no natural enemies, so the defense had lost their instruments in the form p arzydełek. Now, do not worry, no dressing up, even in the foam can be immersed among galaretowatymi creatures. Lake, however, has its limitations. It can dive only with the tube. Descent into the water from the bottle is too dangerous, the water below 10 m depth is highly toxic - it is rotting at the bottom of dead jellyfish trigger dangerous compounds. Unfortunately, fatal accidents have occurred involving divers who ignored the ban. Visibility is not very good and usually does not exceed 3 - 4 meters. Nevertheless, it is worth to undergo this niecodziennemu experience.



The expedition is planned for February-March 2011. When you return we will post photos, videos and a detailed description of the trip.